Five Important Components Of Shopping Center Cleanup

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Today let’s talk about some of our commercial services in the TN/VA area.


Every shopping center starts out sparkling clean when it’s new!


Crews take care of the construction cleanup, and the first customers filter into brand-new stores ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the design and what the shopping center has to offer.


But as professionals know, shopping centers don’t stay that way over time.


Later, you come back and you see things like dirt and debris, common types of wear and even some kinds of vandalism.


Here are five of the big things that we tackle when we approach a shopping center cleaning project.


Concrete and Sidewalk Work


We’ve spilled quite a bit of digital ink talking about how important power washing can be for residential properties. But it’s really essential for the commercial side, too, although shoppers might not think about it when they’re pushing a cart into their local department store or other shop. 


Pressure washing and other methods leave the concrete exterior looking clean and neat, which is a major service to our commercial customers!


Chewing Gum Disposal


It’s unfortunate, but some people really are litter bugs when it comes to chewing gum.


Gum gets spat out everywhere, and gets ingrained in parking lot and sidewalk surfaces, and elsewhere in the shopping center area.


Specialized tools and resources help us to get this gunk off of surfaces and restore them to a clean-looking condition.


Graffiti Abatement


You may also find that the shopping center gets tagged with graffiti over the years. Hopefully that’s not the case, but if some vandals with spray cans are at work, we can come in and renew the surfaces by getting rid of the guerilla artwork scrawled on them…


Awning and Canopy Work


Another part of keeping shopping centers looking new is addressing awnings and canopies and other accessories on the exterior.


We’ll also alert customers when they have signage problems, so that they can get everything looking A1 and 100% clean and good!


Dumpster Work


Some shopping center managers are appalled by how often people miss the dumpster.


Illicit dumping, dumpster diving and the production of errant trash are three of the problems with commercial dumpsters that we help to address when we’re on site for cleanup.


Talk to Extreme Clean Pressure Washing about shopping center cleaning and other services in our parts of Tennessee and Virginia. 


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